Questions for the First Time Homebuyer


Buying a home isn't like retail shopping. You can't return it the next day if you don't like it. Allow adequate time for house hunting to make sure you find a home that suits your personal lifestyle. The tips below will help you find the right home and avoid common home-buying mistakes.

1. Location is the one thing you can't change.

2. Visit a property both in the day and the evening to get a better sense of the community.

3. Get pre-approved for a loan before you look at properties.

4. Include closing and moving costs as you create your house-buying budget.

5. Make a checklist of things you must have in a property and absolute deal breakers so you don't waste time looking at houses that won't work for you.

6. Research schools and commutes before you narrow down your list of properties to visit.

7. Ignore paint colors. Repainting the interior of a house is simple, inexpensive, and takes only a one or two days.

8. If you like the location and layout of a house, but don't like the floors or bathrooms or kitchen, consult with a contractor about the price and feasibility of remodeling.

9. Always get a full inspection.

10. Consult your accountant about the tax implications of your purchase.


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